Taraji P. Henson Reveals She Contemplated Suicide During the Pandemic

Taraji P. Henson Assures Mental Illness Is “Nothing To Be Ashamed Of”Taraji P. Henson has created a safe space for stars like Tamar Braxton to open up about their mental health journeys, and now she’s doing the same. 
On the Dec. 23 installment of her Facebook Watch series, Peace of Mind With Taraji, the Golden Globe winner disclosed that she recently considered taking her own life. Speaking to Dr. LaShonda Green, Taraji detailed the “dark moment” she faced after the coronavirus pandemic left her feeling withdrawn and isolated. 
“During this pandemic it’s been hard on all of us, and I had a moment. I had a dark moment,” she recalled. “I was in a dark place. For a couple of days, I couldn’t get out of the bed, I didn’t care. That’s not me. Then, I started having thoughts about ending it. It happened two nights in a row.” 
Prior to this, Taraji said she had purchased a gun. The actress remembered thinking to herself, “I could go in there right now and just end it all, ’cause I want it to be over.”
When her 26-year-old son, Marcell Johnson, crossed her mind, Taraji told herself he’d “get over it” because he’s an adult. 

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