How the M:I7 Crew Is Moving Forward After Tom Cruise’s Rant

People working on Mission: Impossible 7 are on a break for the holidays and taking some time to “regroup” following Tom Cruise’s expletive-filled rant.
Last week, the Sun posted audio of the 58-year-old actor unleashing a tirade against some crew members on the set of the upcoming sequel for allegedly breaching COVID-19 safety protocols. Cruise has not commented on the recording, which the New York Times and other outlets have verified as authentic.
“They are off now and Tom took off for Dubai,” a source on set told E! News on Wednesday, Dec. 23 about the film’s crew. “It’s a much-needed break coming at the right time. It was very intense as it always is with Tom. Every M:I movie is a difficult one to film and this one is no exception.” 
During his beratement, Cruise complained about a lack of social distancing among the crew. He noted that production could be halted if safety protocols are not followed.

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